1. What is the difference between the dog sled day and evening trip?

The main contrast between those two trips is the scenery of the landscape. On our day trips, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area whereas in the evening you will enjoy the deep stillness of the Arctic winter with the possibility of sledding under the northern lights.

2. Can I come on my own transport?

You can easily drive to our camp with your own transport.
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail booking@senjahusky.no.
Please use the adress to our camp if you use GPS (Ottemoen 73), do not plot in the city (Vangsvik), you will end up in the wrong place.

3. Can I bring children on the dog sled trip?

As the activity might be demanding and strenuous for infants, and due to safety issues and the cold weather, it is not suitable for small children under the age of 14.
We do offer special trips for children when the temperatures get warmer, and also the Husky Home Visit is suitable for children.
Please contact us by e-mail booking@senjahusky.no if you have any questions.

4. Are there any weight restrictions for riding the sled?

Generally, there is no weight limit for mushing the dog sled. However, the activity requires a good fitness level. The trails are demanding and you have to walk up hills and work with the dogs. Every potential participant needs to consider their own physical condition and mobility. Please contact us by e-mail booking@senjahusky.no if you have any questions.

5. Can I join the dog sled trip in my pregnancy?

Commonly, there are no high risks in joining the dog sled trip whilst (early) pregnant.
Nevertheless, the activity has inherent risks for anyone who participates, and there are different conditions with higher risks. Please, contact us before placing your booking to consider your participation in advance. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail to booking@senjahusky.no.

6. Do you provide clothes for the dog sled trips?

We provide Arctic proof boots as well as suitable clothing (arctic wintersuites and mittens) for all our winter activities but we recommend every participant to wear a good winter hat, a good quality base layer, warm socks (preferably wool) as well as a woollen jumper or fleece. Be aware that our sportswear is meant for cold and Arctic weather conditions and therefore not waterproof. On mild/summer temperatures, we ask you to bring your own rainwear.

7. Do you serve a warm meal?

A meal is not included in our dog sled day and evening trips. We serve hot drinks and biscuits and recommend guests to bring their own lunch.
Please contact us if you have any allergies etc.

8. What happens, if there is no snow?

Senja Husky Adventure AS reserves the right to cancel activities at any point for safety issues. Nonetheless, we will re-schedule your booked activity if possible, or offer you a full refund.
Our cancellation policy is listed in our terms and conditions.

9. Do I need to book my trip in advance or can I wait until I come to Senja?

As our trips are popular, they book up weeks in advance. If you decide that you would like to book with us, please do so as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

10. You require a good level of fitness for your trips. What do you consider to be a good level of fitness?

We recommend that if you can walk up three flights of stairs without getting out of breath and taking too many breaks, or go for an hour walk easily, this should be adequate. If you are uncertain or have any health issues (like back pain, heart problems, bad knees etc.), please contact us directly at booking@senjahusky.no.

11. What happens if I am running late for the scheduled meeting time?

If you are running late, please call us at +47 902 33 442, or send an e-mail to booking@senjahusky.no. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you are too late to participate on the scheduled activity, due to the fact that our guests often has a tight schedule, and Senja Huksy Adventure AS has to take this in consideration.

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